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Pretty Up Your Windows Desktop with CD Art Display August 7, 2008

Posted by Evan in Review.
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I’ve been wanting a program that does this for a long time, it’s so simple yet so elegant. CD Art Display is a free program for Windows that works with almost all popular windows media players (iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, foobar2000 but not Songbird) and then some. It takes the album art you already have tagged to your music and shows it on your desktop along with the name of the song, rating, artist, album and time left. Best of all it enables global hot-keys so that programs like iTunes, which lack them, can now be controlled easily from the keyboard.



1. Luofei - August 7, 2008

A similar solution for Mac users is DeskTunes.

Or a combination of Quicksilver and Growl can also do the same thing.

That reminds me, I should probably write a “WTF is …” on Quicksilver.

2. Evan - August 7, 2008

I don’t know if it deserves its own WTF, just do a review of how awesome it is

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