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WTF is…Open Source? August 6, 2008

Posted by Evan in WTF is...?.
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I figured I should give an explanation of Open Source before I do the Linux article. To put it simply Open Source is when a team of programmers releases the source code to the public so that other people can help out with the project. Two awesome things that come out of open source projects: free software and great software. You may have noticed that a lot of the software we review here at TFTCM is open source, and for good reason. Read after the jump to learn more.

I’m a huge supporter of open source software, because as I said its great software and its free. If you want a textbook example of popular open source software then look at Firefox, one of the best programs out there, and if you really wanted you could help out with its development. Now that I’ve set the foundation expect the WTF is…Linux article in the near future.



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2. 72milessoftware - August 7, 2008

Can you explain “Free as in Speech, not Free as in beer” ?

3. 72milessoftware - August 10, 2008

The reason that I asked you to explain “Free as in Speech, not Free as in beer” was to get you to do some more research.

IMO, you asked “What is ice cream” and you answered “It’s yummy” You didn’t explain what open source is.

You need to learn about freedom and community and stop making generalizes statements like “things that come out of open source projects: free software and great software” without backing up your statements with examples.

4. Evan - August 10, 2008

I’m sorry i didn’t respond to your original comment, but i was hoping you would post again to the newer website, but that’s not important. You say I gave no examples when i mention firefox, and i do give a very simple definition of open source, i probably should have said something like community maintained software, but i didn’t. For more examples of open sources software you could always click on the open source tag like an inch to the right of this comment.

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