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Wubi…Linux for People Afraid of Commitment August 5, 2008

Posted by Evan in Review.
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I know you think Linux is only for nerds, but it’s not, in fact it’s super awesome. Many people are only afraid of Linux because they’ve never tried it, that’s where Wubi comes in. If you think you’re brave enough to install Linux without affecting your Windows install, read on after the jump.

Wubi’s main attraction is that its super easy to install and it has no affect on your Windows installation. If you don’t like it after you install it, its just as easy to remove as any program in windows, just use the normal remove programs utility. The one problem with wubi is it downloads the .iso file, and it takes forever. One way around this is to download Ubuntu Linux yourself because Wubi now comes packaged with it. The downside of downloading Ubuntu yourself is that you have to burn it to a CD if your not tech savvy enough to mount an .iso file (now that I’ve mentioned it I’ll post a how-to in the near future), but if you just download and run Wubi you don’t need to waste any CD’s. Once Wubi is finished installing there will be a little menu every time you boot your computer asking which OS to boot into, and if you don’t select anything then after a couple seconds it just boots Windows. Before you get all psyched to do this you’re gonna need at least 5GB free on your hard drive, and that’s the minimum. So go now, give Linux a chance, this way you can at least seem more knowledgeable than your peers.



1. :// - August 5, 2008

Ubuntu is very easy to use. The hardest thing for a beginner might be getting their wireless card and graphics card up and running. After that it is a breeze.

The command line scares most! It is a powerful tool – use it!

2. Evan - August 5, 2008

Yeah I’ve been there my laptop’s wireless card doesn’t work right away with Linux and does take a little fiddling.
I’m still learning the command line from other’s blog posts and just my own fiddling, but it is powerful

3. A.Y. Siu - August 5, 2008

It really depends on the graphics and wireless cards. If they’re Linux-friendly, you may not have to do anything at all.

And don’t forget you can, if you have a lot of RAM, try Linux without commitment by using the live CD or installing Ubuntu as a virtual machine inside Windows using VirtualBox.

4. Evan - August 5, 2008

True, and i also plan on writing a post about live cd’s in the near future, or using unetbootin instead, because unetbootin is amazing.

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