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Dell Studio Hybrid = WebPC redux August 5, 2008

Posted by Luofei in Blast from the Past, Memory Lane, Tech News.
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Dell just recently announced their Studio Hybrid desktop, a small form factor computer along the same lines as the Mac Mini, Asus Eee Box, or HP Slimline.  The Studio Hybrid is being touted for being small, fashionable, and eco-friendly (there is even an option to have the case made out of bamboo).  However, Dell’s new creation looks to me like an old creation revisited.  Read the similarities between the defunct WebPC and the new Studio Hybrid after the jump.

The WebPC was sold for a brief period of time starting in 1999.  Like the Studio Hybrid, it was supposed to be inexpensive and aesthetically designed to fit in where a tower would not.  The WebPC even came in a choice of 5 color accents, much like how the Studio Hybrid is available in 7 colors (if you include bamboo as a color).

For Dell’s sake, I hope this new foray into the small form factor PC niche is more successful that the WebPC was.  A shot of the WebPC is below for comparison.



1. Waldo - September 5, 2008

I have had Webtv since 1996 and for the last two years graduated to msntv 2 which is heads above the original but they are very slow with their upgrades. No marketing at all, but works fairly well with broadband. Would like to know why your webpc failed???

Waldo from Long Isand

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