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Preview of New Version of Windows Fails to Impress (as usual) August 1, 2008

Posted by Evan in Tech News.

There was once a time when a man could be proud to be a Windows user and envied no man. That time passed on March 24, 2001 when the first edition of Mac OSX was released. Read more about my disappointment after the break.

Microsoft makes it tough to love them. I’ve been a Windows user for as long as I can remember, sure I’ve dabbled in Linux and OSX, but I’ve always returned to Windows. Windows Microsoft (thanks to reader Yert for pointing out this error) is one of the worst companies when it comes to advertising, and this video is yet another example of their failure. This is a terrible demonstration of new technology, which may be amazing, but we’ll never know because who would want to use this crap after the way Microsoft shows it. Multi-touch technology has been around since 1982 (yes I did research) and Microsoft has just now, 26 years later, implemented this technology. I am ashamed to be a loyal customer to this company.



1. Yert - August 3, 2008

Windows is one of the worst companies <— Was unaware that Windows was a company.

Multi-touch may have been around since who knows when, but computing may not have been able to keep up until recently; furthermore, Microsoft Surface has been in the works since the early parts of this millennium.

This video is old, and I’m ashamed that you are writing about it so many months after the fact. — Because that about what your complaining about Microsoft doing.

2. Evan - August 3, 2008

“Because that about what your complaining about Microsoft doing.” ?
Thank you?
This site is for entertainment purposes, and like horoscopes, it is not meant to be taken seriously.

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