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WTF is…RSS? July 31, 2008

Posted by Evan in WTF is...?.

So this is the first article in my educational series entitled “WTF is…?” I chose this first topic because there are just far too many people who have no idea what RSS is when its actually amazing. If you’ve heard this term and finally want to know what RSS is then read on after the jump.

RSS is great because if you know how to use it than it will keep you up to date with the newest stories on your favorite web sites. The first thing you need to do is find an RSS reader to use, most browsers these days have them built in. My personal favorite is Google Reader, because you can access it from any computer with internet access.After you have a reader, you go to your favorite web site and look for the little orange logo shown above, that’s the symbol for RSS. Add that feed to your reader and you’re set, any time a new story is added to that web site it will quickly show up in your feed reader. So now instead of constantly checking 6 different sites for new stories, you just check your feed reader.

P.S. This site has an RSS feed, you should probably subscribe to it.


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