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Firefox…what all the fuss is about July 30, 2008

Posted by Evan in Review.
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So if you know anyone even remotely tech savvy I guarantee they have tried to push Firefox on you. Why? There’s actually a ton of reasons to switch over from Internet Explorer or even Safari for you Mac users out there. Read on after the jump.

  1. Security. Firefox is more secure than Internet explorer or safari, this reason alone is probably enough to make you switch with all this cyber identity theft crap going on.
  2. Plugins. Firefox has tons of user made plugins that make it do a lot more tasks than it was designed to do. AdblockPlus is one that stops almost all adds from showing up, meaning you only see the parts of a web page you want to see. Note: plugins will slow down firefox if too many are activated.
  3. Themes. I don’t really care about looks when it comes to a browser, but some people do. For those people, firefox is ridiculously customizable.


  1. Speed. Tests show that firefox is slower than internet explorer and safari.

There are cons to firefox, but the security alone wins it for me, and the recently released version 3 of the software has tons of new cool updates that i keep stumbling upon as is use it.


1. Joe - July 31, 2008

I ❤ firefox

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